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Reiki Session Client Intake Form

SERVICES: In person or Virtual

Reiki Session $85

Reiki Level 1 Training $175

Reiki Level 1 Private Training $250

Reiki Level 2 Training $250

Reiki Level 2 Private Training $300

Reiki Level 1 Refresher $125

Reiki Level 2 Refresher $195

Forensic Healing session $100 (90 minutes)

Kundalini Reiki Master Class $125

Sacred Childbirth/Rebirth with Reiki Session $95 (Recommended 3 sessions)


Reiki Session ~ what to expect 

I will take a couple of minutes before the session to get some relevant information from you, my client. You will lie down on a massage table fully clothed without shoes, and covered with a light blanket if you wish. I will briefly explain what I do and will offer some options of Chakra balancing, Sound & vibrational healing, Crystal and/or Angel 

Therapy. These are included in the price of the Reiki session. If you have any areas of concern, I will pay special attention to those areas; for example if you have lower back pain or joint pain.

I use traditional Usui Reiki, Karuna and Holy Fire treatment techniques which may include light touch, tapping and breath work. At the end of the Reiki session, I will place my Reiki-charged pendulum to point out any imbalances or energy blocks which can be effectively balanced with Reiki.

Before the session, I'll prepare the room and myself with positive Reiki energy to pass on to you. As you lay on the table, you may become extremely relaxed and feel different pleasant sensations during the session. Sometimes you might see colors and images during the session. You might doze off during the session and feel refreshed and rejuvenated after the session. Some clients experience emotional release which can be very beneficial. Many clients report sleeping well the night after their session. 

The sessions typically last about an hour. I will ask you to drink a lot of water after the session and for the next couple of days as energy has been moved through the body and toxins need to be flushed out.

Reiki is a powerful healing modality with a loving positive intention passed on by the Reiki Master, and benefits both parties. Reiki has the same physiological benefits of meditation. It relaxes the body so that natural healing can take place. 

It is recognized, acknowledged and used in many hospitals in the US and around the world for its calming and healing properties for trauma patients and patients who have had surgeries. Reiki has been shown to speed up recovery as well as calming patients before and after surgery.  

Request More Information 

Please include your contact number in the message. Thank you!

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